Chicago Fitness and Nutrition Organization Wins 2009 Pfizer Fit for Life Award

American Osteopathic Foundation Awards Healthy Results, Ltd. and Dr. Angelique Mizera for Commitment to Healthy Living for Chicagoans

The Get Healthy Get Results weight and lifestyle management program was awarded Sunday, November 1 at the American Osteopathic Foundation Honors Celebration in New Orleans with a $5,000 Pfizer “Fit for Life” Award. The award was established to recognize organizations that make significant advancements in health care through innovative approaches to nutrition, physical fitness and fighting obesity, and reward excellence in the field of health and wellness. Get Healthy Get Results is part of the local fitness, nutrition and wellness organization Healthy Results, Ltd.  Healthy Results is a community-based organization that acts as a network of medical and healthcare providers, focusing on diverse individuals with myriad health needs including obesity, weight management, nutrition, general fitness, sports training and therapy and prenatal. CEO and Exercise Physiologist Robyn L Kretschy founded Healthy Results, Ltd. in 2003, developed Get Healthy Get Results in 2004, and collaborated with Angelique Mizera, D.O. early in 2009 as the Medical Director of the program.

The Get Healthy Get Results program, located in Lincoln Park’s Chicago Spine and Sports facility, is geared toward individual weight loss, gain and management in a group setting.  The program’s medical director, Dr. Mizera brings an osteopathic background to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients whose function is affected by disease, injury or disability—with a holistic approach toward medical care, comprehensively focusing on each client’s whole being.

Degreed Exercise Specialist and Fletcher Pilates Instructor Jacquelyn Swedroe supports clients in the program in becoming more in-tune with their own body, emphasizing increased strength and flexibility and decreasing injury by isolating the core muscles in the abdomen.

“What makes Healthy Results and the Get Healthy Get Results program a real part of a healthy community in Chicago is our extensive and diverse network of providers,” said Kretschy. “The Healthy Results team includes physicians and healthcare experts such as a psycho-therapist, life coach, dietitian, massage therapist and osteopathic, medical and chiropractic physicians to help treat the entire individual. A firm belief from any Healthy Results team member is that proper health is achieved through the attention and expertise from a variety of health care professionals.”

On a daily basis, Healthy Results works personally with patients of special populations such as prenatal, postnatal, diabetics, obesity, menopause, osteoporosis, geriatrics and other high-risk individuals. In addition, the team works with athletes from first-time marathoners to experienced triathletes to help them reach goals and prevent injury through corrective exercise and appropriate training programs.

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