Back at School

Healthy Results is pleased to announce Robyn L Kretschy’s return to higher education.  This week, August 22, 2011, Kretschy has reunited with her alma mater, University of Illinois at Chicago,  where she received her Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Physiology.  The School of Kinesiology accepted Kretschy into the Masters/PhD program of Biomechanics, working under Dr. Mark Grabiner.  Kretschy will be working on a theses project in the research lab of fall prevention, ( This will enhance Kretschy’s clinical career as her clients and future clients will benefit from her projected research.  The department of kinesiology has also invited Kretschy to join UIC as a Teaching Assistant.  She is co-instructing alongside Dr. John Coumbe-Lilley, the class Instructional Techniques in Fitness.  Kretschy is thrilled to have this opportunity to educate future fitness professionals by bridging the gap between the lessons of the classroom and those in the clinical setting.