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Personal Trainer, Exercise Specialist and Health Coach are the top 3 hats Robyn L Kretschy Becker has been wearing for the past 17 years.  She founded Healthy Results in 2002, a company that provides exercise and wellness services to individuals and groups.  People have come to Healthy Results to focus on learning how to gain a healthier life through fitness and changes in lifestyle behaviors for the long term, not just a quick fix.  Robyn has a reputation for instilling permanent motivation in her clients and providing tools so those healthy and fit changes last for a lifetime!  Healthy Results is housed within Chicago Spine and Sports.  

In addition to one-on-one fitness training, Robyn runs a group weight & lifestyle management program she developed and implemented 7 years ago, referred to as Get Healthy Get Results, which meets 8 times per month.   An individually designed comprehensive & intensive weight loss program is also available.  

Most recently, Robyn is completing her Masters of Science degree in Kinesiology (August 2014) from University of Illinois (UIC) with a concentration in Applied Physiology, and a secondary focus in Biomechanics.  By obtaining this higher level degree, Robyn is qualified to sit for the ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiology Certification.

Robyn’s background includes a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from UIC, certifications in Personal Training from National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and Health Coach from American Council on Exercise (ACE).  Beyond holding these certifications, Robyn has lectured as a continuing education speaker for NSCA and is a subject matter expert with ACE, where she collaborates with professionals on a national level to validate their certifications and rewrite the exams.

Robyn stays fit by training for events including triathlons, 5Ks and endurance races, cross country skiing on the lakefront in the winter and using yoga as her platform to keep her mind, body and soul in sync.

She is the mother of a toddler boy, makes it a priority to have home cooked meals organized for her busy week, grow vegetables and herbs to cook with during the summer, and share her recipes with those who want to also eat clean and healthier. 

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